Save the Date! Claflin Family Reunion, July 26, 2014



Claflins from all over will be gathering again for their 160th annual reuion and we want you to join us.  Details will be posted soon.

photo of Frank Claflin from archives

Photo of Frank Claflin

Frank Russell Claflin, who died in 1936, left funds in his will to support the activities of family gatherings which support our Annual Reunion to this day. At the 1946 reunion, a long-time Claflin Family secretary, Bertha Summer Draper wrote “this tradition must be kept alive, but in order to do so, we appeal to our younger generation,for when the present officers and friends have gone, the younger members must carry on our work.” This is still so true!


159th Annual Meeting a success!

group photo Reunion 2013

On July 27, 2013, Claflin family members crowded into the Wenham Historical Association’s Burnham Hall for an informative business meeting, election of members to the Board of Directors and a great lunch.  It was a typical day for a Reunion, bright, sunny and warm.  This year, there was major competition for recognition for “furthest traveled” by a Claflin to the Reunion.  The winners were the Hendersons from outside of Los Angeles, CA (3,004 miles from Wenham), who put in a couple hundred more miles than Neil Claflin of Spokane, WA (2,788 miles).  As is our custom, Claflin cousins from all over the U.S. were warmly welcomed and the socializing was never better.

Post lunch entertainment included a visit from bagpiper Graeme Blackman of the Stuart Highlanders Pipe Band.  The Stuart Highlanders practice in Wilmington, MA and have travelled internationally, placing highly in prestigious competitions.   Graeme demonstrated the assembly of the bagpipes and the role of the various components.  He then played several tunes, some traditional and others of newer composition.  He treated us to several stanzas from the “Star Wars” theme to prove the versatility of the bagpipe.  We send a big thank you to Graeme for spending time with us.  A link to the Stuart Highlanders’ website is here.  While on the grounds of the Wenham Historical Association, Claflins also participated in several tours of the Museum’s collection and the Claflin-Gerrish-Richards house.

Please plan to join us in 2014 on July 26 at a location to be announced.



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Wenham historical society photo

Join us for the 159th Annual

Claflin Family Association Reunion

to be held July 27, 2013 Claflin-Richards House, Wenham, MA

Plans for the Reunion include dancing, singing, playing, and enjoying lunch, our usual activities as we gather on the grounds of the Wenham Historical Society at 132 Main Street, Wenham, Massachusetts.  We will be returning to Wenham for the first time in six years on July 27, 2013.   There will be tours of the historic Claflin-Richards house located next to the Museum, bagpiping, and a lecture on Colonial life will enthrall members joining us.  For people traveling, there are many exciting places to stay on the North Shore or the Greater Boston area.  (details will be included in the mailed invitation soon to arrive in your mailbox). Wenham is about a 45 minute drive from Boston’s Logan Airport.   At this time, we can gather for dinner in the evening of Friday, July 26 at the Margarita Restaurant in Lexington, MA .  Be sure to plan ahead to attend this year’s Reunion.